How to choose a stylish and fashionable backpack

The market today is rife with variety, allowing many buyers to truly express themselves, their potential and their nature. Each presented type has its own distinctive features and features that allow you to choose exactly the version of the bag that will meet all your requests. So, a fashionable backpack, you can choose them for each category, it remains only to find out what is the difference between them and the advantages of each category.

Sports backpacks - comfort and reliability

If a girl is a stubborn athlete, loves to relax in nature and is generally very active, then her hands should always be free, so it is worth choosing backpacks from the "sports" section. Their differences from other types of bags are enormous. Firstly, the fabric used in the manufacture of these backpacks resembles a tarp - a waterproof material.This is because athletes often have to get caught in the rain while running or exercising. Secondly, a sporty fashionable backpack for a girl must necessarily combine soft foam-rubber handles and a reliable lock (preferably metal). If you want to choose something bright by design, then plastic locks are also suitable (it is important to choose a wide lock connection among them so that the bag does not come apart). At the same time, a fashionable sports backpack can be of absolutely any design. The trend of this season can rightfully be considered decoration in acid colors (yellow, green, pink and neon white).

Leather backpacks

If we talk about the most popular category of bags, it is leather, regardless of style and functionality. Fashionable leather backpacks for girls are especially popular due to their versatile design. Bags of this type are easily combined with blouses and trousers, sundresses and light dresses. The color scheme of such backpacks is always calm, there are no neon or acid shades on it, so leather backpacks are popular. Today, it is leather products in beige tones that are most in demand. But how do you choose a quality product in this category? First of all, you need to pay attention to the material. Real leather is distinguished by its density, texture, it does not stretch (unlike artificial leather), has a matte texture (if not varnished). Very often, thin straps and handles are used in leather backpacks, so you should check if they are reliably expired at the base of the backpack. Leather backpacks with a tightening top are very fashionable today. Usually, on top of this, an insert covering the "bag" is applied to the magnet. For a backpack to last as long as you need to consider the holes for the tie - they must be carefully processed.

Transformers - a practical option for any occasion

When choosing the most fashionable backpacks, girls need to pay attention to transformers. This category differs in that it is easy to make a regular one shoulder bag from a backpack. There are a huge number of variations of such bags, they can be made from all types of materials, therefore it is the most versatile option for a backpack. Their color combinations are also variable, but if you want to choose a really fashionable option, then you should prefer backpacks in beige, black and white tones. Combined with each other, these shades represent a very graceful and feminine set of colors that go well with any outfit. When choosing such a backpack, it is the functionality of changing the handles that needs to be checked: how to make one of the two. Usually two handles are connected into one, but there is a special lock that separates them - it is important to check this particular lock so that it does not "stick" when stretched.